Kick Off Party for 2015 Season 5/20/15

On May 17th, a group of 15 artists and volunteers gathered at 95a Bistro and Sushi to celebrate the coming 2015 painting season. They discussed methods to connect and make this years murals better than ever. Team members were introduced and excited artists spoke of upcoming projects.

Some exciting announcements anticipated are: the El Mercado/ Taco Stand on S. Public Rd. and Emma Street will be the first project this summer, spearheaded by artist, Sarah Spencer. Look out for that art to grace the outbuilding behind the taco stand. Also, the Noble Treasures/ Curating the Cool building wall, facing the Post Brewery will soon be cleaned, primed and have a fun and whimsical bicycle/ chicken design coming up this June by the Alley Art Amazin’ team, headed up by artist, Tif Choate.