2023 Alley Art Bike & Walk Tour – Sat, Oct 14

FREE Event – Saturday, Oct .14, 2-4pm (español al final)

Bring your bike or your walking shoes! Did you know that there are over 100 murals hidden throughout the alleyways of Old Town Lafayette? Join Alley Art Amazin’ Artist on a mural tour to see many of these amazing, creative treasures!

Bike Tour: 2pm, Meet at Romero Park (South of Lafayette Elementary)

Walk Tour: 3pm, Meet at the Greetings from Lafayette Mural (307 S Public Rd)

Finish (Bike & Walk Tours): 3:30pm, The Post


Alley Art Amazin’ – Tour a pie y en bicicleta por los murales en Lafayette

Sábado 14 de octubre, 2-4pm

¡Trae tu bicicleta o tus zapatos para caminar! ¿Sabías que hay más de 100 murales escondidos en los callejones del casco antiguo de Lafayette? ¡Únase al equipo líder de Alley Art Amazin’ en un recorrido por los murales para ver muchos de estos increíbles y creativos tesoros!

Subvención de apoyo de la Comisión de Artes Culturales de Lafayette, evento GRATUITO


Tour en bicicleta: 2pm, encuentro en Romero Park (al sur de la escuela primaria Lafayette)

Recorrido a pie: 3pm, punto de encuentro en el mural Greetings from Lafayette (307 S Public Rd)

Finalizar (recorridos a pie y en bicicleta): 3:30pm, The Post


Download the Map and Tour Routes Here

Thank you to our sponsors: Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission,  The Post, Morrell Printing.

“Greetings from Lafayette” mural by Sarah Spencer, Sarah Ortegon, Tif Choate, Marissa Aguilera Saints

2023 Alley Art Mural Tour

2023-alley art bike walk tour Map


2022 Annual Alley Art Bike Tour is BACK!

After a two year hiatus, we are bringing back this fun, funky, lovely community gathering. Join us for all or part of the tour highlighting new murals completed in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

START (2pm) @ Wilson Community Gardens

FINISH (4pm) @ Cellar West Brewery
*Participants (21 and up) will get a beer ticket at the finish

Download the Map and Bike Route Here:

Thank you to our sponsors: Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission, Cellar West Brewery, Morrell Printing.

“Greetings from Lafayette” mural by Sarah Spencer, Sarah Ortegon, Tif Choate, Marissa Aguilera Saints


2022 Alley Art Bike Tour Map

News coming soon…

Hi there. It’s the middle of winter, which means no painting season. But it doesn’t mean we aren’t working on stuff. The winter is when we apply for grants for the following summer, we gather our materials and we dream of new ideas.


Stay tuned for more. We have all just begun to refresh this website. There will be new photos uploaded as 2020 was a great year for art.


Check back with us soon and thanks for your support!

Thanks Kyle!

Thanks for stopping by our website. I know I don’t have to tell you how busy life can get; with work, laundry, groceries, elections! (Stop the madness).

Which makes the efforts of Kyle Gordon, our web guy all the more impressive and appreciated. Alley art is an enthusiastic group of artists who delight in bringing beauty to the neglected and the mundane walls and fences of Old Town Lafayette. We like to paint, we don’t like to computer. Kyle is web guy smarty pants who rode up on his white horse and offered to help out with the web stuff that intimidates us. His efforts allows us to communicate with local residents looking for art installations and raise the funds we need for paint, brushes, sealant and the like. It makes us accessible and for that we are eternally grateful.

So here’s a toast to Kyle. If you are looking for help with your website please consider contacting him at www.overhaulics.com.

Have you seen the map of art installations? Check it out, it’s awesome.

The Hand Off

Hey, have you heard?  Alley Art Amazin has finished its most ambitious project yet.  It’s called “The Handoff”.  It’s adjacent to the parking lot of The Post on Emma Street, just west of Public Road.  I’m telling you, this mural reeks of gleeful merriment.  You must check it out.

Our very own Tif Choate designed and created this beauty.  The funny thing is that the actual creating of the mural was the easy part.  Getting an undulating metal wall scraped, power washed and prepped for less than a million dollars, now that took some work.  We looked long and hard for painters, most wouldn’t even discuss it.  A few agreed to do the work but disappeared early in the game.  It wasn’t just workers who abandoned this wall, even the primer adopted a peeling attitude.  We reached out to LOTA, city administrators, friends, fans and family, to little avail.  It was just too daunting a task.  Then we met Vivax Pro and our relationship with hard working, reasonably priced painters commenced.  Bless these guys. They capped their hard labor with the lovely, “old truck blue”, awarding Tif and company a 60 foot by 15 foot madcap canvas.

When you work with an undulating wall, measurements are skewed and lines need to be lengthened; it’s a crazy, weird challenge.  Sensible measurements get lost in the wall’s curvious nature.  At one point an entire chicken head disappeared into the fold of the waved wall.  This is not the look our happy, peace loving team was after.  Fortunately, Sarah Spencer helped Tif paint and figure out appropriate proportions.  Painters Mary Pat Munding, Lynda Pinkerton and Tara Gale brought talent and can do attitudes.  Jim Choate, Tif’s hubby and loving advisor donated a Saturday and his own artistic talent to the cause.  Did I mention that Tif loves to work on ladders?  Go figure.  She was even smiling when she relayed the story of being stung by a bee. Everyone appreciated that the wall was shaded during the better part of the day.   All in all the creation of the “Hand Off” was an upbeat experience.

The opportunity to create “The Handoff” was bolstered by a generous donation by Dave Query and The Post.  The Post folks were avid supporters from the get go and their employees created a steady and enthusiastic cheerleading squad.  Isn’t that the very essence of public art?  Hard working volunteers plus business donors plus an enthusiastic public and voila, a creative community blooms.  We could not be more tickled.

As days shorten and temperatures drop, brushes will get their final rinse and paint will be stored in garages and basements.  Attention will be diverted to amplifying the potential of the website and raising funds for the 2016 season.  One more thing, we really need to work on getting the installations sealed and that sealant stuff is costly, (thanks Jax for the 10% discount).  If you like to paint and might want to seal some art or if you have any fun ideas on how to raise some money, please give us a call.  Or, you could just give us money, we’ll put it to good use. Promise.

New mural going up by the Post 8/27/15


Alley Art Amazin’s artist Tif Choate in Hometown Weekly news. Check out the article:


Pam Hoops with Alley Art! 6/22/15

Thanks to LCAC: Arts in Community grant GRANTED! 6/18/15

Alley art Amazin’ has been awarded the Arts in Community grant for a fifth year, thanks to the generosity and support of Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission, City of Lafayette.

LCAC awarded Alley Art the first grant in 2011 and has given money each year. They haven given more money to our organization than almost any other organization and even gone over their usual limit of $1000 and gave $1500 last year. Since Alley Art’s humble beginnings in 2011, LCAC has granted the program the Arts in Community grants each year. Their early support really helped get Alley Art Amazin’ off the ground. Thanks LCAC!!


Code for Boulder helps to build Alley Art Amazin’ website 6/14/15

Last Wednesday evening, June 10th, 2015, was another great meet up at the Hub with Code for Boulder, where the culmination of this very website began six weeks ago. April 29th, 2015 was the first visit for three Alley Art Amazin’ team members, Tif Choate, Elizabeth Matthews and Nadya Davis, to the Impact Hub in Boulder to gather with members of Code for Boulder. Code for Boulder is a network of people committed to using their voices and hands, in collaboration with local governments, to make our cities better. They meet up every other Wednesday evening at 6:30pm at the Impact Hub in Boulder.


The members of Code for Boulder have partnered with Alley Art Amazin’ , with volunteers in the computer sciences, to help build and host our website. Many of their members have given countless hour of coding expertise and design direction in order for our project here in Lafayette to be it’s best. We are so excited to see the transformation of the website and how it will be a great tool for the growth of Alley Art Amazin’.




Photo from Code for Boulder meet up, May 27th, 2015



Kick Off Party for 2015 Season 5/20/15

On May 17th, a group of 15 artists and volunteers gathered at 95a Bistro and Sushi to celebrate the coming 2015 painting season. They discussed methods to connect and make this years murals better than ever. Team members were introduced and excited artists spoke of upcoming projects.

Some exciting announcements anticipated are: the El Mercado/ Taco Stand on S. Public Rd. and Emma Street will be the first project this summer, spearheaded by artist, Sarah Spencer. Look out for that art to grace the outbuilding behind the taco stand. Also, the Noble Treasures/ Curating the Cool building wall, facing the Post Brewery will soon be cleaned, primed and have a fun and whimsical bicycle/ chicken design coming up this June by the Alley Art Amazin’ team, headed up by artist, Tif Choate.